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   E&G Furniture and decoration was established in 1990 for the purpose of making furniture for people to love and become the best customer satisfaction based services as much as possible. We operated in places which are 18000 m2, 6 stores & showrooms in Istanbul/Florya and employing more than 450 people today. It continues to provide flooring, lacquer and manufacturing services with 7000 m2 abroad and 5500 m2 domestic factories. E&G Furniture manufactures sofa sets, dining rooms, and bedrooms with a wide range of over 5000 models ranging from classic to modern tarpaulins. The complex decoration works on the basis of; Kitchen, Carpet, Chandelier, Accessory, Wall Decoration, Door, Plasma Unit, Baby Chambers, Bedroom, Dining Room, Boy-Girl Rooms. We also offer great home decorating ideas with 20 interior designers and 2 decorator teams.  

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